FREE Magazine Subscriptions to Sports Illustrated, SHAPE & More



Sports Illustrated for free?? That’s something that you don’t see everyday! If you are interested in scoring a free subscription to Sports Illustrated, Shape or Real Simply, among others, simply head over to Reward Survey and log into your account or join for free. Then complete the short survey to earn $30 in Reward Points – this survey took me about 5 minutes to complete.

You can then redeem your Reward Points for FREE magazine subscriptions. A few of them available $20 and under subscriptions include Sports Illustrated, Real Simple, Shape, Wine Spectator and more! You may also choose to save your points and continue to earn points by completing additional surveys. You will not be asked for any sort of credit card info or billing – it’s completely FREE!


About Jenn's Stockpile

Welcome to Jenn’s Stockpile, saving money has never been easier! I’m a shopper at heart and love to find and SHARE a bargain. The summer of 2010 I discovered my passion for couponing and have been saving 50%-90% on each of my shopping trips. Because of this, I currently have a stockpile that is large enough to sustain my neighborhood should a zombie apocalypse ensue. It is my hope that what information I have can be helpful to you and your family. My shopping trips aren’t always perfect, but nothing is a bigger thrill to me than walking out of the store, knowing I got the best bargain possible and I’d love to show you how to do this too. Keep calm and coupon on!

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