Low Carb Almond Crackers



Last June, my husband and daughter decided to adopt a low-carb lifestyle. Both of them felt their sugar consumption was out of control and it was the beginning of summer which means easy/breezy meals of meat and veggies on the grill.

As with all of their dietary decisions, the burden of their lifestyle choices fell squarly on my shoulders since I am the one who does ALL the menu planning, grocery shopping and cooking. I’d been through these declarations before… we have tried gluten free, vegetarian, dairy-free and so on and so on. Difference is, these “new ways of eating” lasted about 2-3 days or until I became frustrated because there was nothing that sounded good, or we started craving pizza.

As the year progressed, I started planning, shopping and cooking differently. I’d make their low-carb meals and snacks but I wasn’t fully committed. I’d argue that I was an adult and if I wanted a taco or ice cream – I was going to have it. But then I noticed I really wasn’t craving those sweets as much as I used to. By the time we had finished a dinner of steak, asparagus and salad – I really wasn’t hungry. Then came fall. I packed away my shorts and Ts and began the task of trying on clothes from the previous year to see what fit and what didn’t. My pants were looser! Tops I had moved to the back of the closet fit again! What??

From then on I decided to throw myself into this way of eating whole-heartedly. What I’ve found is that any of your favorite meals can be re-worked into a lower-carb version. I’ve also found that the meals are easy. What’s hard are the snacks. A way to get that hummus, cheese ball or dip into your mouth wihout using a celery stick. I stumbled upon this very versitile recipe for Almond Crackers. So yummy!! When you roll it out and bake, the crispy edges taste like a cracher and the softer middle part has a pita-like texture – perfect when I want some of my neighborhood pizzerias homemade pesto!

1 egg white
1 cup almond flour
1 packet of Splenda
3 Tbls of parm cheese
a little pepper
a little garlic salt.

Roll out flat between 2 parchment papers. Bake 325 for 10-12 minutes depending on how crispy you like them.

This recipe could be modified to make a sweeter version. Omit the parm cheese, salt and pepper and add 2 more packets of Splenda (or whatever sweetener you like), add a splash of vanilla and a splash of Almond extract and you’ve got yourself a crispy cookie to dip in a low-cab cheesecake dip – super Yum!

Makes 48 crackers (give or take)
Per serving: Net carbohydrate: 0.2g; Protein: 0.6g; Fiber: 0.3g; Fat: 1.2 g; Calories: 14


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Welcome to Jenn’s Stockpile, saving money has never been easier! I’m a shopper at heart and love to find and SHARE a bargain. The summer of 2010 I discovered my passion for couponing and have been saving 50%-90% on each of my shopping trips. Because of this, I currently have a stockpile that is large enough to sustain my neighborhood should a zombie apocalypse ensue. It is my hope that what information I have can be helpful to you and your family. My shopping trips aren’t always perfect, but nothing is a bigger thrill to me than walking out of the store, knowing I got the best bargain possible and I’d love to show you how to do this too. Keep calm and coupon on!

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