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Meijer Mperks: 9 FREE Yogurt Coupons – CLIP NOW!!!


If you live near or shop at a Meijer – you’ll want to rush on over to Meijer mPerks load 9!!!!!! new FREE yogurt clippable coupons to your account. Simply log into your account and then clip the following coupons located under the Dairy section. All coupons are valid thru March 17th…

*Free Bonza Squeeze Yogurt Orange 5.3oz
*Free Bonza Squeeze Yogurt Strawberry 5.3oz
*Free Bonza Squeeze Yogurt Watermelon 5.3oz
*Free Bonza Squeeze Yogurt Blueberry 5.3oz
*Free New Yulu Aussie Yogurt Honey 5.3oz
*Free New Yulu Aussie Yogurt Raspberry 5.3oz
*Free New Yulu Aussie Yogurt Strawberry 5.3oz
*Free New Yulu Aussie Yogurt Vanilla Bean 5.3oz
*Free New Yulu Aussie Yogurt Blueberry 5.3oz