$5 Off Broth Bowls at Panera Bread



Sign up or sign into your Panera Bread Rewards account to snag this $5 Off Broth Bowls Panera Bread coupon. If you’re not already a rewards member, just sign up here. To access this great coupon, follow these steps:

  • Click on All About Broth Bowls, then go to How to: Eat Adventurously
  • Watch the first three videos, $5 coupon will pop up and be automatically loaded to your MyPanera card.
  • Watch the three remaining videos to receive another awesome reward of a Free Coffee, Tea or Soda.

These videos are less than one-minute long, so not bad for some awesome coupons! Your offer(s) must be redeemed no later than two weeks of receiving the rewards. Have a good lunch :)


About Jenn's Stockpile

Welcome to Jenn’s Stockpile, saving money has never been easier! I’m a shopper at heart and love to find and SHARE a bargain. The summer of 2010 I discovered my passion for couponing and have been saving 50%-90% on each of my shopping trips. Because of this, I currently have a stockpile that is large enough to sustain my neighborhood should a zombie apocalypse ensue. It is my hope that what information I have can be helpful to you and your family. My shopping trips aren’t always perfect, but nothing is a bigger thrill to me than walking out of the store, knowing I got the best bargain possible and I’d love to show you how to do this too. Keep calm and coupon on!

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