The 52 Week Money Challenge

The 52 Week Money Challenge

It’s officially 2015 and time for me to stop thinking about resolutions and changes I want to make in the new year and start putting some of these ideas into motion! One of my top five resolutions is to save money and spend more wisely – cliche I know, but one I still struggle with even with all the coupons I use. An easy and fun way I plan to save a little extra for the end of the year is to start – and complete – the “52 Week Money Challenge.”

The idea is to save the corresponding dollar amount to the current week. So if you are starting today – it’s week one – you would place a $1 into an envelope or your savings account or wherever, and so on and so on. Now, there a lot of ways you can do this to make it fit into your life – you can split the year in two and just do it up till week 26 and pocket $351 twice this year. You could start at the end of the year and save backwards – that way you are not plunking down the $50 during the holiday season. Or, you could do like me and put away whatever you are able each week. Since I also work as a Freelance Graphic Designer, I am paid sporadically so this week I’ll put away $1 but next week, when I get paid for completing a large project, I just might tuck away the $52. The main point is to start saving and this simple and fun exercise shows you how quickly it can add up.

At the end of the year, hopefully you will have $1,378 in your envelope to spend on yourself, your family or paying down a little debt. Either way, you can breath a little easier knowing you have a little something tucked away 😉

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About Jenn's Stockpile

Welcome to Jenn’s Stockpile, saving money has never been easier! I’m a shopper at heart and love to find and SHARE a bargain. The summer of 2010 I discovered my passion for couponing and have been saving 50%-90% on each of my shopping trips. Because of this, I currently have a stockpile that is large enough to sustain my neighborhood should a zombie apocalypse ensue. It is my hope that what information I have can be helpful to you and your family. My shopping trips aren’t always perfect, but nothing is a bigger thrill to me than walking out of the store, knowing I got the best bargain possible and I’d love to show you how to do this too. Keep calm and coupon on!

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